SPRINT Dominican Republic 2013

Seattle Pacific University students learning and serving alongside local leaders in the Dominican Republic.

Our Amazing Weekend

Hello Friends and Family,

We have had an amazing few days here in the Dominican Republic. We cannot believe we have already been here for a week. 

On Saturday, we were able to continue working on delivering ProVectors to the homes in Los Robles. We brought enough to put in every home so on Saturday we placed about half. We were amazed by how the much the community of Los Robles works together. The principal of the school helped us navigate all the homes we needed to find along with some of the community health members. Even some of the kids in the village were interested in our project and wanted to learn about it. They ended up taking charge, helping us deliver the ProVectors. It is amazing to see the empowerment that is growing throughout Los Robles. The people of the village are interested in the health of their community and want to learn about it to teach others. Later in the afternoon, we were taken into town to see the city of Barahona. We visted the market to pick up some fresh fruit. We were also joined by another team of 22 people who we have been able to get to know and be in fellowship with here at The Casa. 

Sundays are days of rest here in the DR. So Sunday morning we attended Julio’s church and absolutely loved it. Juanchi, our COTN host, was able to translate the service for us. After lunch we got to visit the beautiful beach’s of the Dominican. We drove to the top of the mountain to have an amazing view of the water. As we were driving there, we stopped at a waterfall as well as a hot spring. The water was crystal blue and was a perfect temperature to be refreshed by the hot weather.

Today, we completed our ProVector project. We were able to deliver all of the ProVector flowers to all the homes in Los Robles. We were surprised by how quickly we got this project done. We thank God for giving us this opportunity to place these in homes to help prevent Malaria and Dengue Fever. We know these have been proven to be effective so be praying that these homes will notice a smaller population of mosquitos. 

We are all having an amazing time and see God working in each our lives. Continue to pray for health and safety!! 


Team DR



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