SPRINT Dominican Republic 2013

Seattle Pacific University students learning and serving alongside local leaders in the Dominican Republic.

ProVector Success!

Hello Friends and Family,

We just wanted to let you all know that yesterday we went to Los Robles where we placed the ProVectors and did the two week check up. We went to each home where we placed one and asked if they have noticed less or more mosquitos in their home since they have received a ProVector. We were pleasantly surprised that almost every house said they have seen very few mosquitoes, if not no mosquitoes in their home in the last two weeks. We are so thankful that the ProVectors are being efficient in getting rid and killing mosquitoes to reduce the amount of Dengue and Malaria in these villages. We have helped the community health members understand the importance of keeping up with the families every two weeks, asking the amount of mosquitoes they see in their home. This way, a different team is not coming in every two weeks checking up but the community health members themselves. They seem very excited about coming along side one another to improving the health of their community. Keep Los Robles and the members of this village in your prayers. We pray that they are willing to follow through and be active with this project. 

As we head for the airport tomorrow, we ask for prayers for safe travels. We are all excited to enjoy our last day here in Barahona but are feeling sad knowing we are going to have to say bye to the staff and all the wonderful people we have met here. We look forward to seeing everyone at home and being able to talk to you all about our amazing experience here in the Dominican Republic! 



Millie, Andrea, Natalie, Nichole and Lily 


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One thought on “ProVector Success!

  1. Heather on said:

    Yeah!!! So glad to hear that there were great results from the ProVector. I’m looking forward to hearing about this device when you get back. I hope you got your ice cream before you left.

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